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Baller graphichs

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Mashballs description

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✔ Have fun and mash some annoying balls! Great entertainment for everybody!

Ultimate MashBall leader – the great Baller - has to stand up to mash all the annoying balls. Help him!
Become the leader yourself. Have some fight, have some fun and mash some annoying balls!

Collect points, overcome obstacles, accelerate on super bouncers, switch gravity and even use magnetic fields from your own finger tips, all to smash the mocking balls. Be the greatest and share Your achievements with Your friends!

You will get:

***** More than 40 available levels!
***** FREE unlimited number of levels in future!
***** Suitable for Phones and Tablets
***** No advertisements!

Available on: Android, IOS

Prices: Premium verions (0.99), Lite version (Free)

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