Mashballs Power Ups

There are two main power up types available:

Actions: which provide you the help to complete a level in many different ways. Actions can be used multiple times while playing the level.

Suits: which provide different perks and can change the gameplay compeletely. Suits can be used only once per level in the beginning of the level.

Let's start with actions

Slow-mo action slows the game for some time.

Switch gravity switches the gravity to the opposite one.

Earthquake shakes up all dynamic elements on the level.

Magnet Refill refills your magnet bar.

Kick kicks the Baller in your desired direction.

Teleport lets you put the Baller just in any place.

Auto Complete hits all balls and completes the level.

And what about suits?

Heavy suit allows you to hit balls even harder, thus getting more money.

Ninja suit enables Baller to jump without any restriction.

Point magnet will attract all point balls near you.

Small suit reduces the size of the Baller.

Anti gravity will disable Baller's gravity.

Iron suit you lift the Baller from the ground.

Bomber suit eliminates balls on hit.

Ghost suit can pass through obstacles.

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