Help us get more level packs and new features by Mashing some balls

To get new features and level packs released, we need a help from all our players trying to reach mashed balls milestones.

Simple as that, you will help us by smashing balls, we will help you by releasing new level packs.

  • First milestone 100 000 balls (reached 22 Sept. 2012)
  • Second milestone 500 000 balls (reached 23 Nov. 2012)
  • Third milestone 1 000 000 balls (reached 21 Dec, 2012)
  • Fourth milestone 2 000 000 balls (reached 16 Feb 2013)
  • Fourth milestone 3 000 000 balls (reached 5 May 2013)
  • Fifth milestone 4 000 000 balls (reached 7 Aug 2013)
  • Sixth milestone 5 000 000 balls (reached 10 Oct 2013)

Next milestone 10 000 000 mashed balls


First Milestone! So how much is 100 000 mashed balls?

If we take that the size (I know that size depends on the screen resolution, dpi and stuff like that, but we'll take an approximate one) of a mashed ball is about 2.5 cm (or about 1 inch), then the volume of mashed ball is  =  8.2 ml or 0.3 fluid ounce.

It means that:

  • with the 20 mashed balls you could fill a cup of tea
  • about 122 balls to fill a bottle of water
  • 5.5 K to fill a proper backpack 
  • and about 15 thousands to fill a barrel of mashed balls.

So a pile of 100 000 mashed balls (click on image to enlarge) would be equal to 4 bathtubs or one really big (King size) mattress or one big fridge.

And Yes there are 100k of mashed balls! ;)

Second Milestone - Half a million of mashed balls.

So how many is it?

Well if you'd had a small swimming pool of 3x3 meters, you could fill it 1 m deep.
It's the same as 9000 liters big water tank
Or you could fill an average car full of Mashed balls.

And if you stack all mashed balls onto each other, it will higher than a mountain everest.

Here is a comparison of Mashed balls between milestones:

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