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Weekly update: Mashballs increased performance and appstore

Another week have passed in we released another version of Mashballs. New version has improved performance, some bug fixes, some visual enhancements and a little surprise due to the recent event that, probably, the whole world watched live (Hint: this surprise is a little reward in all levels of latest Mashballs space mission, just try to complete them as googd as you can). If you discovered it and recognized the event and person, give us a shout on twitter or facebook (just try not to spoil the fun for others ;) ).

Next big news is that Mashballs was approved on Apple appstore and soon will be released there, we only have a small delay due to some legal issues that are taken care of, but don’t worry Mashballs will soon be available on the IOS devices near you.

We also started working on free IOS version, which will include only couple of first levels from each pack, so if you don’t know what Mashballs is and want to try it without paying upfront, we will soon have a version for you.

And in the end, here’s the new promotional screenshots of Mashballs for your evaluation ;)

(Higher resolution versions available here)



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