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Weekly update – starting second month

Hello all, a lot of stuff going here with us. There are lots of ideas, prototyping, brainstorming and experimenting. So here is a little update about all stuff.

Let’s start with Mashballs. We have submitted an IOS version of Mashballs to the app store and now waiting for approval (fingers crossed). We are also deciding about other stores as Amazon app store and thinking of a way to try to port Mashballs to Windows 8 platform.

Another news about Mashballs’ levels, is that on the third day of release, one player already completed all new levels and many of you reached over 10th level, which basically shows how great is the new improvement for the magnet. And rapid play on new levels may also be due to the fact, that now player’s don’t need to finish previous pack to start playing next levels. Each pack/mission is completely separate one and you can proceed in them simultaneously.

And while we are on that note, almost all of new levels were completed perfectly (except level 4-14). So congratulations to all players on job well done, we will start working on the new level pack soon. ;)

Next thing that needs to be mentioned is that our second game Word Rocket is almost finished and probably will be published next week. Word Rocket is a word finding game with an interesting twist, and add-on which you will see upon release. So stay tuned for more information about that.

And now about brainstorming ideas and creating prototypes - on our internal negotiations there were two new games approved, on which we will start working now and maybe present you something interesting soon.

So that’s all for now, and for desert, here’s a picture of Baller (main character from Mashballs) sitting on our brainstorming table, excited after another successful brainstorming session. ;)

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