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Want to create Mashballs game. Here's how

Lots of folks have been asking us on how you could create similar game to Mashballs. What tools have you used? How difficult it is? Well now there secret is out.

Mashballs was created using Gideros cross platform 2d game engine, which most probably is not a secret to many of you, but now there is even more information provided.

Here is a book, that will tell you step by step how to create a game similar to Mashballs, following examples and even starting code provided.

So now nothing stops you from creating a similar or even better - unique game using Gideros.

There is currenlty even a give away running on AppCodingEasy, so you can try your luck and win a copy of e-book there for free. But hurry up, it is a limtied time offer.

And even if you did not make it, you can still buy the book any time.

Hope that helps many of you to create amazing new games.

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