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The Power of Pop

How online casinos make use of pop culture to enhance their appeal

No matter how awesome a product is, unless the stars align just right for it to become a breakout hit, all too often it just becomes lost in the sea of other, more recognizable products. Other times, it’s because the product carries certain associations, which could make some potential consumers shy away from it without giving it a spin first. When this happens, many companies often resort to riding on the coattails of more popular entities in the hopes of catching at least some attention from said entities’ fame.

Such is the case with online casinos. These digital arcade games are based on a form of entertainment that many perceive as more for the high-rolling clientele. After all, when most people think of games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat, lifestyles like that of Jay-Z come to their minds. Because these games are thought of to be only for those with deep pockets, many people sometimes give them a pass and divert their attentions on to other things.

To swing things in their favor and widen their audience demographic, online casinos started using license branding that cater to a wide range of people. If Betfair Arcade’s large array of choices is any indication, the things these online games depict run the gamut of pop culture iconography. There are TV shows like Star Trek and Stargate SG-1. Classic movies like Ghostbusters, and newer ones like Rise of the Guardians. Comic book heroes like Batman, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Video game franchises both for hardcore and casual players, like Street Fighter II and Bejeweled. And even real-life figures like Nostradamus, Elvis, and Evel Knievel.


The influence these icons wield can’t be overstated enough. Rarely will people’s eyebrows be raised when any of the above are mentioned. It’s this popularity that online casinos are hoping would translate to their games, and so far, it seems to be working. People young and old, and from virtually all walks of life, now count themselves among the many playing these digital recreations of roulette, slots, and others.

These icons became what they are because of familiarity that built up over the years. Who knows, maybe someday, the majority of people will have played online casino games to make them just as common to the populace as TV sets and soap; just enough for the games and the original characters which they’re sporting to enter the Pop Culture Hall of Fame

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