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Mashballs now available on OUYA

Hello guys and girls,

usually we develop something for mobile devices, but this time we decided to try out something new, and publishing our most popular game to the first Android microconsole - OUYA.

So what is OUYA microconsole? OUYA brings Android platforms to the console market, that enables you playing Android games on your HD TV with a wireless controller. If you don't have one, you should check it out.

And the moment OUYA came out, we decided to try it out as the market for our mobile games, and so the revolution for us begun.

First we had a fun part porting the touch based game play to the controller. You can read more about technical details on the Gamasutra blog post. But here is the video of the result:


And finally today (09.09.13) Mashballs was published on OUYA so if you happen to see it, check it out ;)

The game is completely free to complete, and you can purchase in game currency to use on some additional power ups, if you get stuck, or earn that currency by completing levels.

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