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Mashballs news, reviews from Russia and stuff

This is our second week in app world and we will discuss how things are going. As you already may be aware, our first game called Mashballs was released more than two weeks ago. And last week we also released a premium version. It has no ads! It is also a way to show your support. And finally, based on your feedback and trends, it may include some special extras for our supporters.

Within our team we agreed not to do any large promotion campaigns until we had some initial content and released IOS version of Mashballs. For now we will just keep polishing the app and creating new content.

But that did not stop Mashball players from spreading the word about this game. Most active players for now seem to be from the Russian community. As reviews of Mashballs were spreading on multiple Russian review websites, more and more players joined the game and Russia is now the number one Mashballs playing country leaving France, China and UK behind.

But the most interesting part is that multiple Russian review websites, not only posted information about Mashballs, but also tried to define the Baller’s (main Mashballs’ character) personality and looks and even provide some backstory behind the game. We really enjoyed reading your comments and decided to work on the backstory ourselves. No estimates on that right now, it’s just something we will keep working on.

Thank you again to all players from different communities of Russia for spreading the word. This is what we call support! 

Another topic we should mention is the IOS version of Mashballs. We are still undecided about a proper business model, so we will postpone the release of the IOS version until another level pack is released. By the way, I have already tested some of the new levels, and I can assure you, they will be even more awesome than previous ones. ;)

We also started working on new features and game elements for Mashballs. We have combined a lot of ideas, which we need to test through before implementing them as final game elements and we are pretty sure, that after the next (fourth) level pack we will introduce new game elements in Mashballs.

That’s all for now, keep playing games! There is nothing game developers would enjoy more than their games being played. ;)

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