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Mashballs going free

Lots of things happened since last update. We had a lot of adventures, reorganizations, meatings, ups and downs and lots of new experiences.

Mashballs hit 2 million balls and soon will reach 3 million mark. Lots of new users, lots of download spikes on different marekts. And we decided it's time to take the Mashballs to the new level.

That is why we are announcing this huge update coming soon to Mashballs. 

With the new update we will introduce the concept of power ups. There will be two main power up types available:

Actions, which provide you the help to complete a level in many different ways. Actions can be used multiple times while playing the level.

Suits, which provide different perks and can change the gameplay compeletely. Suits can be used only once per level in the beginning of the level.

More information available in the Power Ups section.

Additionally there will be achievements available to spice up the completion of game and maybe even leader boards for mashed ball count.

But the most important thing is that Mashballs will become a free to play app.

So stay tuned for the update available to devices near you ;)


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