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Mashballs 4th level pack update

Good news everyone! Next Mashballs mission is in outer space - 15 more levels for you to play already submitted to market place and coming to the mobile devices near you.

We are also submitting an IOS version and let’s see how this goes and how long will be the approval process.

Major updates with this release:

  • 15 more levels to play
  • Huge improvement to magnet usability
  • Lots  of visual improvements

15 more levels to play

New hard puzzle like levels for you to solve, which involves not only logical thinking, but also the quick reflexes of your fingers to manipulate Baller with the magnet from your finger tips.

Huge improvement to magnet usability

Magnet is the main tool in the game, and we made it as easy to use as possible. And most of new levels also represent the puzzles, which can be solved only with the usage of magnet, to show you how powerful this tool actually is.

Lots of visual improvements

We are constantly working on improving visual interface based on your feedback, but this update also includes graphical enhancements as more animations and particle effects, to make the game even more visually appealing.

Future work

Now we will concentrate on implementing more game elements to use in next level packs, to make levels even more interesting. Already some of them are in testing stage and we can promise you, that it will be one crazy world of Mashballs you will see in the future.

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