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Fridays are „Working on our apps” day

If you have been following us from start, you probably know, that making apps is not our primary source of income (actually, for now, its not an income source at all), and each of us have different jobs at different places and we would come together at evenings and work on our apps, trying to create something that we would be proud of.

Why would we spend our free time on something like that? Well, because we are sharing same passion, to be creative without borders and produce something useful. On our own, each of us won’t get any much further, but together, combining different talents of our group, we believe we have chance. A chance to make it something more than a hobby, to work on our projects fulltime.

And recently we made a breakthrough. It might not sound a lot, but (as recently tweeted) we spared a whole day a week to work on our projects and now Fridays are “Working on our apps” days. Where we simply talk, brainstorm, draw, code and create. And it has been a significant push. In recent months we achieved more than each of us have achieved in years and we only hope that our productivity will accelerate.

Want to know how we spend our Fridays? Here are some pictures from the latest event:


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