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First week of Mashballs - our first game

Yesterday passed the first week since we released Mashballs - our first mobile game. Although we released this game as a test, with small amount of levels and only for Android , the response from you guys was awesome. More than thousand downloads from all android markets (Google Play has some difficulties with statistics now, so we don't know the real numbers, but we know that combining results from Google Play and SlideMe there are definitely more than a thousand downloads).

But that is not the only metric we have. We thought we should provide some milestones on the amount of balls mashed by you guys, and we kept counting, you can check the result yourself, but at the moment of writing, there are 43 186 balls mashed of 100 000 ball milestone.

When we decided on 100 000 as our first milestone, we thought it would take at least couple of months to reach. Guess what, you guys almost filled the half of it in one week. We didn’t even had time to release new level pack.

Speaking of which, I just finished playing the new level pack and it is awesome, more complicated than the first one, but I’ve completed everything on 3 stars, so I will expect the same from you guys, when it gets released (which will be really soon). Meaning, it does not matter how hard they would feel like, it is possible to complete them perfectly.

On another note, we also started working on IOS version (well it’s practically not work, since Gideros Mobile have done everything for us) and will be releasing it soon, so stay tuned IOS users, as you will be joining your android fellows in a ball smashing fun.

That’s basically all I wanted to say. Thank you again guys and keep supporting us by spreading the word and smashing some balls ;)

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