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First milestone of Mashballs

You have smashed and you have smashed hard. Our first milestone was reached basically within 2 weeks, when we expected it to be at least a two month process.

So first milestone is reached, what does it mean and what happens next? This milestone was set up by us to try to analyze user engagement with the game, to test and see if we should invest our time into this game or start working on another one (we have tons of ideas). The fact that milestone was reached so fast (we haven’t even released an IOS version of game), means that we will proceed working on this game, adding more levels and more features, more gaming elements, polishing it and improving usability. Basically it means that we have your attention and you have ours, let’s cooperate and make this game a total success. ;)

Now we will set a new milestone (hopefully a more ambitious one), and as Mashballs will become more popular (and not only Mashballs), there will be more perks we could give as incentives for reached milestones and other player participation. Just stay with us, support us as you can (by sharing, buying premium apps or simply playing and smashing balls) and we will make worth your while with great games, fun and other incentives.

Here are some interesting facts  about Mashballs (based on our analytics) and comments:

It took two days after releasing new level pack, for the first player to complete all new levels.  Right now there are 4 players who have completed all the new levels and one player who has only level 15 left to complete. All in all, we have received feedback that levels were kind of harder than expected. But if we look at magnet usage statistics, then more the half of the level attempts magnet was not used at all.

Magnet is a very powerful tool and we decided on improving it a little, to make it more usable and easier, so if can’t succeed now, hopefully after update,  you could give one more shot at those levels. ;)

Another interesting aspect is completing levels perfectly or getting 3 stars for level. To do that, you need to collect all of the point balls on the same level. Right now there are 4 levels from the third pack (the new pack) that were not completed perfectly. Those levels are:

  • 3-8
  • 3-10
  • 3-14
  • 3-15

I’m really shocked that level 3-12 was completed perfectly couple of times, I thought it was the hardest one to complete, when I tested it. The 3-15 level was the second hardest to complete perfectly and was pretty hard overall.

But how committed players are to actually completing levels perfectly? Well based on our statistics only 37% of players complete levels for less than 3 stars and stop trying, others try or actually complete levels perfectly. One player even replayed the same level 105 times to complete it perfectly, and this player succeeded - congratulations! ;)

If you recognize yourself in our provided statistics, you can surely give us a shout on twitter or facebook.

That’s all for now, big thank you for all your support, from Jenots team. ;)

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