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5 million mashed balls

Yesterday, we have reached a new milestone, 5 million mashed balls.

From the previous milestone only 64 days have passed. Which means you folks mashed 1 million balls in 64 days.

Which is 15625 balls a day

If on average, we have 5 balls per level, it would mean that 3125 levels are played daily.

And we have been on this rate from the beginning of the year.

So how much is really a 5 million mashed balls?

If you have been following on milestone updates, then you would know it makes about 41 000 liters or 10831 galons, which could fill this tank full:

So thanks everyone for playing and enjoying the game and supporting us. Once we get sync across all platforms we are involved (Android, IOS, Amazon, OUYA, etc) we will continue updating the game with more levels ;)

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